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The critically acclaimed, Scotland-based music collective Meursault return this summer with their sixth full-length album.


Based around the songwriting of Neil Scott Pennycook, the self-titled album follows on from Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues (2008), All Creatures Will Make Merry (2010), Something For The Weakened (2012), I Will Kill Again (2017), and Crow Hill (2019). 


Featuring Pennycook on guitar, piano, samples, synth and vocals, the record also features Drew Boyd (baritone guitar, violin, mandolin), Robyn Dawson (violin, vocals), Calum MacLeod (guitar, bass, vocals), Fionnbarr Byrne (synth, violin, guitar, vocals), Emma Capponi (flute, piccolo, vocals), Reuben Taylor (organ) and Graeme Young (drums). 


Recorded on Isle of Skye at 'The House on the Rock' the album will be released on July 7 on Edinburgh’s Common Grounds Records.


The album tracklisting is as follows...


Rats In The Corn

Laugh Track

Another, Again



Making The Most Of The Raw Materials Of Futility.


Teacher, Was I Wrong To Burn


Originally conceived as linear story (a post-apocalyptic tale, with the characters 'Meursault' and 'Sarah', making their way from Europe in search of America in a dystopian world) the narrative was dropped in favour of something with a broader approach. While the theme’s and general feel were retained, the fictional elements of Pennycook’s words were replaced with something far more reflective and personal… a study of his relationship with what Meursault means to him, with each song representing a different stage in the evolution of the project. In short, it’s an album about creative endeavours and how they help shape not only the artists view of the world, but also the worlds view of the artist.




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