What even is a Meursault?

Neil Scott Pennycook


Based in Edinburgh, Neil/Meursault has developed over the years from his

scratchy, lo-fi beginnings to become one of Scotland's most unique, contemporary voices.

Meursault plays Piano, Bowed Banjo, Guitars,


Fender Rhodes, various Synths & Drum Machines.

He also sings the songs.

Photo: Laura Meek

The Band

Calum MacLeod

- Acoustic & Electric Guitars

- Vocals

- Quiet Reflection

Photo: Laura Meek

Robyn Dawson

- Violin & Cello

- Vocals

- Street Smarts

Photo: Laura Meek

Fraser Calder

- Percussion

- Muscle

Photo: Laura Meek

Reuben F. Taylor

- Organ & Accordion

- Lathe Maintenance 

Photo: Laura Meek

And Introducing...

Jayson Turner

- Live Electronics

- Is a Cat

Photo: Supplied by Artist